Our Story


The Habits of Happiness program was created by Samantha-Jane, drawing from her personal journey in mental and emotional health.

Samantha-Jane's journey began over 10 years ago when she was running a successful business and raising a young family. However, she didn't realise she was heading for burnout until one day in early January 2010, when she woke up with complete paralysis on the left side of her body. After weeks of testing, she was told her condition was psychosomatic and the result of stress.

This experience led her on a journey to heal herself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through her research and learning, she discovered the power of positive habits and became determined to share her newfound knowledge with the world.

She started by teaching a small online group about the power of positive habits, and that eventually turned into her passion and purpose as The Habits of Happiness. With her extensive knowledge of emotions, the mind, anxiety management, and a passion for supporting individuals in building a healthy relationship with their emotions, she set out to help people lead happier and healthier lives.

Since then, she has had the privilege of partnering with others to bring her vision to life as The Habits of Happiness Coaching. Her goal is to empower individuals to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives through self-discovery, learning, and community collaboration.