Hi! I'm Samantha-Jane. I'm a Therapist and Coach

If you love the idea of limitless possibilities and the incredible changes you can create in your life, then you will love The Habits of Happiness....

The Habits of Happiness really do hold the power of transformation. On their own, each individual step is extremely powerful, and used in this seven-step process they have completely changed my life. At first glance they seem simple, but they are so much more than they appear. The Habits of Happiness have the power to transform your life as completely as they have transformed mine.

So how did I develop “The Habits of Happiness”? I had been inspired by many morning routines, but there was something missing within these routines. For me it wasn’t just about success in business, it was about my whole life~, my health, my physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing and gaining balance in my life.

I had been practising the 7 step process for a few months and found myself amazed by the results I was experiencing. I began to research the science of happiness, devouring hundreds of articles from people who were experts in their fields, addressing each section of the 7 step process. I wanted to try and find out why these things were having such an impact on my life. I learned how important each step is on its own, but my research also confirmed my belief that when practice in the 7 Step process the held the key to incredible change and potential for happiness.

Habits are rituals and behaviours that we perform automatically, allowing us to carry out essential activities such as brushing our teeth, taking a shower, getting dressed for work, and following the same routes every day without thinking about them. We are all made up of habits, and we activate hundreds every day. They are the key to change and becoming the type of person you want to be. Why is this true? How you live your life today is essentially the sum of your habits. What you think and believe are the result of your habits. Even down to how happy or unhappy you are is a result of your habits. How successful or unsuccessful you are, is the result of your habits. I realised that I had created an easy to follow, 7 step process that was about creating positive habits, which in turn had created positive change that was impacting my whole life.

These seven steps have grown beyond my simple daily habits, into my passion and purpose. From my morning routine to the way I live my life, they are incorporated in everything I do. From my home life to my work, they are the foundation of my coaching and of the Habits of Happiness Programme which is delivered in schools, colleges and other community settings.

Creating habits of happiness can help:
Promote better mental and physical health
Create self-awareness
Increase self-esteem
Inspire compassion and kindness toward ourselves and others
Increas resilience
Increas social awareness

My journey has been organic and constantly evolving, with many challenges and obstacles along the way. Living a conscious and mindful life has presented me with so many wonderful opportunities. I have met so many incredible people through supporting their own journeys of happiness and empowerment. It is an honour to be part of this journey, to see them recognise and remember that all they need is within them.

My hope for you is to use these seven steps as a starting point from which you can create change within your life. By taking on these new positive habits, the compound effect of tiny changes in your daily habitual routine will help re-wire the way you think and act. Happiness is not just an aspiration, it is available to all of us in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.

I look forward to working with you soon…..Lots of Love Sam

Other Professional Qualifications

Samantha started her academic life gaining an HND in Beauty Therapy, where she expanded her knowledge of make-up and had a successful business specialising in Weddings and Make-Overs for over 7 years. Then due to ill health in 2012, she had to give up work. In 2015 she then went on to gain a diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Life Coaching. She is constantly seeking to expand her knowledge and experience. She holds further diplomas in Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy, Heart Maths, The Science of Happiness, L.O.A Integrating Science Coaching, Mindfulness, Kinetic Chain Release (KCR). She is a Reiki Master and is also an Advanced Practitioner of Ho'oponopono.

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