Are YouHappy??

13 Febuary 2020

Are you happy?

There may be a good chance that you’re not.

That’s not very good odds. In fact, it is downright discouraging. Recent studies have shown that even though our country's economy is growing our happiness is not :-(

The pursuit of happiness is one of our most common desires.

Even if you go back a couple of thousand years, you'll find that even the Greek philosophers talked about happiness. Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates all had plenty to say on the subject. Lesser known but equally important scholars from all over the world did as well

Take to heart this quote from Gautama Buddha, written about 500 B.C.:

"There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path."

Happiness Matters!

Ask anyone who’s ever tried to commit to something that they didn’t believe in, and you’ll find they all have the same story. Not only was the process they’d committed to dreary and a whole lot of hard work, but chances are they’d either given up or failed. You might even have your own similar story.

Simply put, you can’t succeed when you don’t believe.

You can't expect real and lasting happiness in your daily life, if you’re not even convinced that happiness matters.

If you’re currently not feeling happy, then chances are you’ve already convinced yourself that might be the case. After all, it’s hard to miss what doesn’t exist anyway, right?

Here’s where you need to rewire your thinking a bit. It’s time to open yourself up to the possibility that happiness not only exists in the world but that it is an integral part of being human.

Happiness is what enables us to become the very best versions of ourselves. More than that, being happy has benefits that go far beyond the warm fuzzies of a single emotion.

Let’s explore just what happiness does for us.

  1. Happiness feels right.
    Nothing is quite so intoxicating as the effect of joy in our bodies. When you feel the pure emotion of happiness, you feel as if your very soul lights up from within.

  1. Happy people get more done.
    When you’re happy, your productivity goes through the roof. Why? Because happy people can concentrate better on the task at hand. They have also been shown to have better memories and can think more creatively when faced with a problem. What’s more, when happy people are hard at work, the time seems to race by. This all means that happy people have a better overall workday than unhappy people do.

  1. 3. Even when things go wrong, happy people tend to succeed.
    That’s because happy people bounce back from setbacks faster. They also tend to find the solutions quicker to the problems that plague them. In part, this is because happy people have a knack for finding the win-win scenario. Perhaps this is because happy people have a natural tendency toward optimism. But then again, who’s to say that optimism isn’t just another way that happiness manifests itself in our lives.

  1. Happy people enjoy better relationships.
    This is true whether you’re talking about close friendships or even romance. Why? Because happiness is attractive. You’ll find that when you’re happy the world really does come knocking at your door. But also, when you’re happy, you’re more apt to be receptive to new relationships and even to being attracted to that special someone. Plus, let’s be honest – it’s usually more enjoyable to hang out with happy people.

  1. ‘Luck’ tends to find happy people more often than it does anyone else.
    This is truly one of the more interesting theories regarding happiness. SInce happy people tend to display various virtues more often than unhappy people, that means that the world tends to be witness to those same values.

So people who are happy also seem to be wiser, more courageous, have a stronger sense of justice, and even be more spiritually tuned in with the world. When life gets challenging (as it does for every person, regardless of happiness levels), it's theorized that the world better receives people who are happy and tend to exhibit positive values around them.

In short, other people go out of their way to ‘give them a break’ when the going gets rough. This makes happy people seem ‘luckier’ than most.

This is one of those theories that’s absolutely fascinating and holds a lot of truth when you stop to think about it. While being happy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to win the lottery, you are more likely to get help when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. A happy person is going to have a lot more “luck” when they're trying to negotiate for a tow-truck when you're outside that company's standard towing radius.

  1. Happiness is simply better for you.
    When you’re happy, your entire body works differently than when you’re stressed. Believe it or not, your immune system gets a supercharge from happiness, and even your cells will work to repair damage faster than they do in the body of someone who is unhappy.

As if that isn’t already enough, it’s been proven that people who are happier in general, will actually live longer than people who are not. It’s no surprise that happy people tend to feel good and enjoy life more. They are also more likely to take care of themselves regarding diet and exercise. That's a lot of benefit from one single emotion!

With all that benefit, it’s no wonder that we tend to see as happiness as not only good for us but also crucial to our daily lives.

  1. You don’t only need happiness in your life, but the world needs you to be happy as well.


  • People need happy people around them. Like a pebble thrown into a quiet pond, a happy person tends to send ripples of positive energy throughout the room. Having happy people around makes the world a better place.

  • Happy people are the helpers in the community. Those who are happy are the ones who give the most to charity. They’re the volunteers who work to build and make things better. If you need help, it’s the happy people who are there to provide it.

  • Happiness makes the world a safer place. A happy person is a person who sees a positive They’re there to defuse situations before they become violent. In a crisis, it’s the person with a happy outlook that sees the positive outcome and then sets out to make that outcome a reality. If you think about it on a global level, happiness truly can change the world.

So take heart. You’re alive, and you’re here today reading this.

Happiness is not only worth pursuing, but it’s within reach. All it takes are adding some simple habits to your life.

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