Habits of Happiness


The Habits of Happiness was designed by Samantha-Jane based on her years of experience and understanding of anxiety, the mind and emotions and supporting people to live their best life possible.

Samantha's vision is to support people in gaining the skills to navigate through life -building on resilience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and growth mindset.

The original concept was built from Samantha's morning routine, that combines many positive skills into a short 10 minute routine that, when practised regularly, helps to develop positive healthy habits that support the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of children and adults.

These life skills can really help with the anxious feelings caused by all the concerns and changes in daily life.

The research on each of the seven steps has shown that they can increase our positive emotions, which is good for our bodies, minds, and brains.

If you would like find out more about The Habits of Happiness morning routine you can join free: The Habits of Happiness Morning Routine group

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Workshops/ Courses

Samantha has now adapted and built on the foundation of The Habits of Happiness morning routine to create her workshops and courses.

In our workshops you will learn the simple step-by-step blueprint to increase happiness and raise your confidence, self-worth and resilience. These workshops have been delivered within many commercial businesses, colleges and the local community. They help promote well-being and teaching how to unlock the secrets to happiness within.

We also offer 7-week courses: These courses have been developed to enable a deeper level of understanding of creating The Habits of Happiness. In the 7-week course you will learn how a combination of the science of happiness, and the step-by-step blueprint, can help increase happiness .

The benefits of this course are:

Help re-train the brain

Increase focus

Re-direct negativity in ourselves and other

Shift our limiting mindset

Reduce stress and anxiety

Create new positive Habits for Happiness for life.

For more detail email at: sam@thehabitsofhappinesscoaching.com



What is Coaching ?

Coaching allows you to access your own inner wisdom which is always present and available. I will help you to move through perceived obstacles and areas where you feel stuck in your life. You will experience transformation and start to see bigger possibilities.

Coaching is a safe, gentle, transformative process which raises your awareness in a way that brings clarity and purpose to your life. This creates a deep connection for living a creative life filled with passion, authenticity, ease, and happiness.

clinical hypnotherapy


Change your life, book a session now.

Hypnotherapy is very much about us working together. My aim is for you to feel very comfortable and relaxed to achieve the best results for you. Hypnotherapy is all about working with the subconscious mind to resolve any problem you may be facing:


Fears & Phobias


Weight Loss


PTSD and much more.

We often find that we cannot express everything we want to verbally. This is why I use diffrent methods of communication throughout the process which is key to the transformation. In a lot of cases, you don't need to tell me anything if you don't wish to, we still get wonderful results. We work with your emotions and if you can feel it you can shift it....