Happiness is a choice

16 March 2020

I have learnt over the past 45 years I have been on the this planet. Deep down we all want to be happy in life. We can talk about how we want to be happy, but most of us do nothing about it. (me included ) I use to believe in a lie. I believed that I could only be happy when everything in my life was perfect. I believed happiness was outside myself in the relationship, job, ring, country home, vacations, beauty products, wardrobe, and weight loss that I did or did not have.

The problem is, these things don’t create real and lasting happiness alone, yes it's great to have nice things and a loving relationship. but true happiness is more than this and if we keep looking outwardly, happiness becomes this mysterious thing we want but we don’t know how to get.

You may already know this, but happiness is not circumstantial. Which is fantastic news because we don’t have to wait for everything in life to be perfect, nor do we have to control everything to feel a certain way. Awarness of this was a game-changer for me because I realised it meant I could be happy in the present moment. Something really amazing happens when we do this: when we truly feel happy , our outward experience changes in ways we could never imagine.

It is often common to fall into the trap of thinking we’ll be happy only when....... everything in our lives is exactly the way we want it to be. Then we will be happy. But so often they are there to fill us up, vallidate us, or make us feel whole and complete. Even if they do for a while, these changes will not be sustainable. With luck, we eventually realize that external things don’t make us happy long-term.

If you are at this point, you are ready to make changes to live a sustainably happy life.

The starting point of happiness is self-love. If you live from a place of self-love, you’ll be able to get a full sense of contentment, because your inner feelings of abundance will lead to creating beautiful relationships, financial freedom, and purpose-driven work. Self-love in a sense puts you on the right track of finding true happiness and healing. Along the way you will learn to release fearful perceptions and develop new loving outlook on life.

Re-awakening and remembering you are perfect the way you are. Nothing is wrong with you. By giving up limiting beliefs, you’ll finally experience happiness. Freedom, and your best life.

Happiness is a Choice

…and you have the power to choose it, without consciously choosing this the harder your life can be.

So many people believe you’re are either born happy or not. But in reality, happiness is a choice. You can create real and lasting happiness for yourself. When I realised this my whole world channged....

Yes, your genetics, personality, and nature play a role in your happiness also your life circumstances and situations play a role in your short-term happiness like your upbringing, health, and finances. These shape our reality around us and the choices we make, like when choosing what to eat or drink, what clothes to wear, where to work, and whom to love. All driven by our beleifs about what will make us happy ,some choices are good and others are not so good.

We can choose to be happy, despite what genetics, situations and circumstances you face.Your personal happiness depends on the conscious choices you make and the effort you put into living your best life.

This isn't to say you will never feel negative emotions. Of course, you will. Negative emotions also play a part in our lives. But, the biggest part of being happy long-term is a choice, once you realise this you have the power within to choose happiness..


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