Indvidual Wellbeing

The time is now to BE truly happy and empowered!

My hope for you is to uncover your own secrets to happiness. By choosing to work with me as a starting point from which you can create change within your life.You will have access to my expertise and experience to happiness and empowerment. I will help you to gain clarity on where you want to be and what you feel is holding you back from living your best life. Through powerful coaching tools I will help you to create consistency, cultivate positive emotional, spiritual and mental habits By taking on these new positive habits, the compound effect of tiny changes in your daily habitual routine will help re-wire the way you think and act, which will help bring your vision to life. Living a more balanced and happier life filled with passion and purpose...

1-1 coaching program

3-6 months Packages

(Through Zoom)

1 x 90min Discovery session

12 x 60min coaching sessions

Coaching resources

weekly email/ fb messenger access

Here are some of things we will cover

Session 1

Discovering Your Why

Session 2

Mindset - How to overcome your inner Saboteur

Session 3

Getting up close and personal with your strengths.

Session 4

What Happiness means to you,

Session 5

Passion and Purpose

Session 6

Bring your vision to Life

Session 7

Taking Action

Session 8

Review and Apply


Coaching, Support and Clarity Sessions

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