Being Happy

17 December 2019

21 Tips To Increasing Happiness

21 Secrets to Happiness

Having a happy life is simple to understand, but not necessarily simple to achieve.

Here’s list of secrets that many people know, but often overlook:

  1. Build a proper foundation before putting up a house. Take time to strengthen your personal foundation and accomplishments will be much easier.
  2. Develop a level of spirituality and decide what that means to you.
  3. Find a way to invite more love into your life.
  4. Be grateful for today’s blessing rather than dwell on those things that you have yet to acquire. Today is perfect—embrace it.

  5. When choosing your fuel, be hands-on. Only you can choose the type of energy that fuels your life.
  6. Continuously learn. Choose how and how often you want to learn and stick with it on a weekly basis. Learning is evolution.
  7. Use your gifts wisely and orient your life around those gifts in a way that will help you progress each and every day.
  8. Understand your vision and allow it to light the way for the goals and path for your life.
  9. Take time to learn and expand your vocabulary. Communication is the key to success. Speak up and understand what is worth saying.
  10. Become comfortable with chaos as it is comfortable with you.
  11. Remember that integrity comes first, followed by needs, and then wants. Do what needs to be done now so you can do what you want to do later.
  12. In order to create the future you want, it’s crucial to resolve problems in the past while perfecting the present. Do the thing and the reward will follow.
  13. In order to live effortlessly, get more than you need and disregard how much you feel that you deserve.
  14. Take time to plan by using 10 percent of your time to work on the other 90 percent. While it doesn’t always feel true, your life is in your hands.
  15. Always set goals using personal virtues. Disregard all the woulda-coulda-shoulda wants and do while others only dream.
  16. Work towards financial independence despite how far away it seems. Every journey, despite the length, begins with a single step.
  17. Rather than changing a poor behavior, learn to evolve. Many diets fail, for example, because cold turkey is often linked with failure.
  18. Increase personal boundaries in order to give room for your heart and spirit to run free.
  19. Rather than waiting, learn to initiate. Waiting on others will often result in a lack of productivity. Instead, lead your own way.
  20. When a problem arises, be the one to solve it, despite who started it.

Live in a community of like-minded individuals. Find others who you can help and allow them to bring out the best in you.

I have found personally doing these 7 simple steps, that only taking 7 mins a day and easily fitted in to my life. Made a huge impact on my daily life. I was more focused, more motivated, I was able to deal with situations more calmy and so much more.

What I found doing these set 7 things together every day in the morning , has created me a new habit and my brain now craves for it, where as at the beginning it resisted getting up and doing the new routine.

The Seven Steps

  • Set an Intention for the day.

  • Write down 7 affirmations (I am happy, I am Beautiful, I am fearless), you create your own.

  • Write down what you are grateful for (I am grateful for my health, my family, the sun) again whatever comes to you.

  • Write down what you want to achieve today. Your daily goals (unless this is your first day you will have written them the night before).

  • 1 minutes of meditation using the blessing ball of light (incorporate all of the above and visualise (audio of meditation is attached and explained in detail).

  • Visualise your day (feel, sense or see how you want your daily goals and day to go).

  • 1minutes of Movement .

The Seven Steps in Seven Minutes

Take a minute to set your intention for the day, take one minute to write down your affirmation: Take one minute to write down what you’re grateful for: Take one minute to write down three goal/ tasks for the day, Visualise you carrying out your goals/taks out and completing them. Do one minute silent meditation: Do one minute exercise.

This simple routine is foundation of all of The Habits of Happiness Coaching, if you would like to find out more about working with me contact me or join my facebook group The habits of Happiness Morning Ritual @