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Our focus is on making wellbeing practical, relatable, and accessible for organizations from all sectors. We offer a variety of programs including taster sessions, workshops, and training courses to boost employee wellbeing and performance. Awareness is a crucial element in all of our sessions, as we believe it lays a foundation for health, wellbeing, and personal growth.

When an organization fully embraces our teachings, the benefits are widespread, leading to a cultural shift that improves team collaboration, reduces burnout risk, and positively affects key performance metrics. Our programs help employees reduce stress, increase focus, and become happier, while supporting leaders in developing self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and compassion.

Research shows that happiness at work not only exists but is also beneficial. Mindful Leadership is critical in creating a happy workforce, as happier employees perform better in all aspects, including health, productivity, and career advancement, which ultimately benefits the organization's bottom line.

We offer sessions on mindfulness, resilience, stress management, emotional wellbeing, and mental health awareness, in various formats and durations. Our process begins with a conversation to understand your needs and find the right solution for your business.

The benefits of our courses/workshops are:

Help re-train the brain

Increase focus

Re-direct negativity in ourselves and other

Shift our limiting mindset

Reduce stress and anxiety

Create new positive Habits for Happiness for life.

What We Can Offer

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Important insight to help employees better understand stress and remain within tolerable levels of stress to support health and performance. What you’ll learn:

  • What is stress?
  • What makes us stressed & how it impacts our ability to be resilient
  • How to manage the stress response / activate the relaxation response
  • Identify signs of burnout and elevated stress
  • Helpful tips to takeaway

Habits of Happiness Training (8 week courses)

This courses provide colleagues with a deeper dive into the science behind habits,happiness and how they can help to increase self awareness, emotional intelligence, focus, creativity, communication skills and relationship building.

  • Happiness in Work Course (8 week course)
    • One 2hr session per week for eight weeks
    • Course material and audios for home practice provided
    • Provides foundation of the habits of happiness to help participants develop a personal practice that can benefit them inside and outside of work
    • Equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to become happier in their workplace

Helps clients to look objectively at habits, behaviours, beliefs and ways of thinking to identify opportunities to unlock potential.

Increased health, wellbeing and performance levels.

Provides tried and tested practical solutions, grounded in science.

Allows the client time to explore topics in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment where they can completely open up and be themselves.

Emotional Wellbeing

We will Explores the key components of emotional wellbeing, regulation of emotional states and using tools from the habits of happiness to improve awareness, identify habits and break negative patterns.

What you’ll learn:

What our emotional triggers

Body awareness

Connection between emotions and the nervous system

Understanding the 3 emotional systems

Practices to support emotional health

Practical tools to takeaway

Mental Health Awareness

Opens up a really positive conversation on mental health to normalise the topic and help shape the evolution of healthy workplace culture. Can be delivered in two separate sessions. What you’ll learn:

• What is mental health?
• Understanding contributory factors
• Foundations for good mental health
• How to spot the signs
• Ways to support colleagues
• How to open up a conversation
• What is the managers role and what is not
• Mindfulness and its role in mental health and wellbeing
• • Helpful tips to takeaway

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