- Stacey

The course that I taken part in for 6 weeks, taught me so much and has made me a better person. I feel all the tools that Samantha given to me has made me so much happier and I now know how to take a step back in some situations and think about things in a different way. Especially the heart head connection that has truly helped me in so many ways, all these tools that have been incorporated into your course have been amazing. Samantha has a true talent and I believe she can help anyone who suffers with self confidence, anxiety and depressions to give them a lift and a step in the right direction to changing your life to a happier and less stressed one.

I have overcame so much in the last 8 weeks as I've been using the tools everyday and especially the gratitude journal that is a godsend really let's you see what's important in life and forget about the negative feelings you may have encountered that day. I write in my journal every night.

I would just like to say thanks so much Samantha for doing this course as it really has made me so much happier and I now think about things differently but in a good way. Also helping me with my self talk. I have stopped listening to the voice in my head and telling myself I am a great person that can do great things.

Your one in a million thanks Samantha ❤️ stacy

- Caroline

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the course Empowerment to You. You were so supportive and it has certainly made a difference to me on a daily basis. The way I look at things, my mindset, my thoughts, my confidence and my self worth have all improved. I have grown so much as a person, stepped right out of my comfort zones. Am travelling more now, running my own business and been doing live on Facebook. The course has shown me the power of your mind, meditation, affirmations and journaling. It also helped me to understand the importance of supporting others, sending out positive thoughts, letting go of negativity. Letting go of guilt, grief, bad thoughts, that don't benefit me. These are all things I put in my tool box to continue to look at, access, reflect and to use the skills I have now in my future. I would recommend and have recommended the course, its takes commitment and time but so worth it.

Thank you Samantha for my support, my guide x x

- Elizabeth

I met Samantha through another lovely being Susan Watson and it's changed my life. I bit the bullet and took the empowerment course a but sceptical to be honest. I loved it and it's one if the best things I've done for self improvement. I'd call the course a down to earth course pleasurable to do and also go as far as exciting. I looked forward to each part. Now about Samantha 😊 she is a genuine caring human being with such a talent to make you feel loved and special she has helped me believe in myself and I will be forever grateful. Yes we all possess the ability to be happy, strong and confident and to truly love ourselves but Samantha is the one who shows you the "how" thank you my gorgeous xx